Amanda Creger

Director of Strategy

Amanda understands that we are in business to draw a direct, simple-to-understand, hard-to-resist line between your potential customers and what you have to offer them…and then draw them together. As director of strategy Amanda has worked on every major client we’ve had in the last 5 years. She’s managed them, researched them, coached them, helped them, served them and acted alongside them. She knows that without action…strategy is meaningless.

Our secret is not strategic and creative people that think like agency people. We think like business people.

Amanda Creger has more than 14 years experience in the trenches and in the boardroom with agency clients, including past experience working with the agency principals at other agencies. She has worked on every conceivable type of assignment from company positioning and branding, new company and product launches, sales force enablement, thought leadership, social engagement and every kind of nurture, drip, touch, push and pull exercise. She has worked with Fortune 100 companies and start-ups and is a consummate professional. Both deliberate and urgent, she understands what it takes to go from the napkin or whiteboard into the sales pipeline, marketing automation system or revenue lifecycle.

Amanda focused on Marketing at UGA, is a certified account manager and is pursuing a PMP certification. Frankly, her professionalism often eclipses the rest of us, which makes our team diverse, wonderful and better for her influence. One day we may get her to relax...but she will never relax her standards.

Nonprofessional claim to fame:

As a member of a traveling circus, she has lived in 9 different cities and experienced some pretty cool things…even having walked on fire. (Well, part of this is true anyway.)