Contrary to popular belief, companies do not buy things. People do.

There's a big misconception when it comes to B2B marketing. That it's bland or boring or clinical. That it's about things instead of people.

It couldn't be more about peopleóbig groups of them. It's about moving a committee while figuring out who in the bunch makes the big decisions. And about swinging the person with the swing vote. To help you find the benefits that matter to the people who matter. To know the difference between a "cost of entry" feature and a "capital expenditure-worthy" benefit.

There's a big misconception about
b2b marketing...that it's about things
instead of people.

And every sale is, on some level, an emotional sale. So you have to find the emotions behind the logic that gets these guys and gals to nod their heads and ask for the demo. And the referenceable case study. And the estimate. And the contract. And to buy. And to adopt. And to tell their story to others. And that's just the buyers. Not to mention the complexities of internal and external sales organizations and supporting them. But, we'll talk about all of that when we meet with you.