Brand Development

The most overused word that you really need to take seriously. Seriously.

Every time you read that article that asks whether or not you need a brand, the answer is yes. The Brand is the part that has a soul. It's the part that lives on or lives beyond the immediate transaction. So, while it's true to many that brand development results in creating logos, taglines and other tangible representations, the "thing" that is the brand is much more than that. Depending on whether you are a product company, a services company or a movement your brand will be different (and will be represented differently) at various stages of your growth.

The brand is the part that has a soul.
It's the part that...lives beyond the immediate transaction.

You've done the hard part of identifying your marketplace and inventing something. Sometimes that's all you've done before you come to us.

Sometimes you've been in the market with your product for years and you want to create new offerings or enter new markets. You have created the brand and you have a brand challenge.

What do you do, next? You call us.

We meet you where you are.

If you're an early stage entrepreneur, we quickly move your brand from idea to visual execution. We ensure that your team, our team and most importantly your prospects have an aligned view of the brand. We organize your brand system--the names, words, value props, images, colors, fonts, taglines, diagrams, and vehicles that will tell a consistent, cohesive, compelling story. If your brand is in an adolescent or mature state we help you take the brand to the next level or reinvent it to achieve your business goals.

If you want to sell to individuals or sell your concept or company to an investor your must be able to quantify your value and the unique space you occupy. That's your Brand.

Our brand of brand development traditionally falls into three categories:

Brand Building

Workshops to clarify, articulate, or organize brands for your company, product, service, movement…you name it.

Visual Branding

Design to evolve or make a brand more of something else…bigger, more sophisticated, more progressive, more substational, more integrated, etc.

Operationalizing or commercializing the brand

Creating brand systems, plans to communicate the brand to all audiences and all aspects of the buying, selling, or adoption cycle.