Jennifer Watson

Co-Founder & Creative Director

If one word could be used to describe Jennifer Watson it is intense. She is intensely focused on markets, trends, businesses, technologies, goals, creativity, the arts, the sciences…the everything. We couldn’t be more blessed to have a true renaissance woman informing our go-to-market strategies and executions for clients.

Jennifer is our chief creative strategist and technologist. It may seem like an odd or rare combo…and it is. All of our work is informed by a left and right-brained thinker who worked client-side for 15 years as a Communications & Web Manager before crossing over into the agency. Jennifer received her BS in English and her Masters in Library Science and Computer Information Systems. This rare combination of aptitude and passion ensures that our clients never have an artist cramming creativity down their throats at the expense of the business, pushing a technology at the expense of usability, or pushing a solution at the expense of practicality in the client’s world. And since we’ve just mentioned expense three times…she is about the most frugal person we’ve ever met…which in our experience is rare in the creative discipline of an agency.

Our secret is not strategic and creative people that think like agency people. We think like business people.

It is due to her leadership, and the tremendous talent she has nurtured here, that the firm has won over 165 awards in our first seven years…many of which are based on performance and results. This devil may not wear Prada…but it is the details she meticulously focuses on that have elevated our reputation, our talent, our results and our client satisfaction.

Nonprofessional claim to fame:

Jennifer won the coveted Mud Queen title for piling the most mud on top of herself on in a 1970s episode of the Saturday Morning ABC Television show Kidsworld.