Kirk Wells

Associate Creative Director

Kirk Wells is larger than life...and not just because he’s our tallest employee. Being in a room with Kirk is like grabbing onto a live power line. He is an artist and artisan at his core and a true visual and creative thinker. Kirk embraced the design profession because his natural talent had to find a way out…be it through a drawing, in his journals, through silk screening or through amazingly beautiful brand systems. Kirk has shaped the visual aesthetic of Modo Modo from our founding and has been a huge contributor to the company we have become.

Daddy worked hard and Mama didn’t raise no chicken.

Kirk has 14 years agency experience and 11 years experience with Modo Modo Agency principals. He has a BFA in Graphic Design and was an invaluable collaborator with Moira Vetter on the book AdVenture—for which he was awarded the Ben Franklin Award for illustration. Kirk also has ties to film and the visual arts, which contributes to our growing portfolio of amazing client multimedia and video projects.

A picture tells a thousand words and Kirk’s pictures tell 10,000. Truth be told, if you put Kirk and Moira into a room together they’ll tell 100,000 words. This collaborative relationship has evolved into something that serves our clients, feeds our agency’s soul and creates the fun environment that continues to make Modo Modo a cultural rarity in our business.

Nonprofessional claim to fame:

Florida Gator tight end Kirk Wells—who has his very own bowl ring—ran the ball into the end zone during Sugar Bowl X at the Superdome in New Orleans.