Salesforce Effectiveness

Why would you get your marketing from people who've never sold anything?

There are a lot of people that make a living off of reinforcing the barriers between sales and marketing functions. We ain't them. Salesforce Effectiveness done properly ensures that any communications plans, sales tools or campaigns align with the salesperson's reality. Entrepreneurs have successfully sold their value story and they don't get why their marketing and sales people can't replicate it.

Smart marketers ask the right questions and make sure your offering...matches the customer's buying process and your sales process.

It's not just about what or why the buyer buys…it's about HOW the buyer buys or chooses not to. In B2B, the sales team's effectiveness is impacted significantly by the type of marketing function you have and the type of marketing partners you enlist. They need to understand sales.

Smart marketers ask the right questions and make sure that your offering or value proposition is presented in a way that matches the customer's buying process and your sales process.

In Consumer marketing and sales there is an "inclusivity" about driving for a larger pool of single decision makers from the mass market. B2B markets in contrast rarely have a single decision maker but rather committees or groups of stakeholders. The most effective integrated B2B marketing and sales efforts have an "exclusivity" about them--targeting, funneling and creating a value exchange with only the true buyers and influencers, each in their own way. Your cost of sales demands it.

Stuff we do that drives salesforce effectiveness:

Lead Generation

Developing multi-touch campaigns to generate and nurture qualified leads using every medium that touches prospects.

Sales Channel Strategy & Execution

Energizing inside sales groups, field sales, VAR Channels or other ISOs by expressing the market opportunity and ease of selling.

Sales Tool Creation

Developing tools and presentations for new offerings or new audiences.

M&A Realignment & Execution

Assisting with communication and campaigns when product groups or entire companies are integrated and relaunched in the market.