Simplicity is so beautiful

March 21, 2008

I was reviewing some design concepts this morning and I could NOT put them down. They were beautiful in their simplicity. They were powerful in their candor. They were brilliant in their shot through the heart. My adrenaline was racing like on Christmas morning.

I know why I do this for a living. Chris Coleman used to remind us in our employee handbook that, “We had the privilege of doing what others only dreamed of doing…being creative every day.” Man, ain’t it the truth?

Sure, we marketers have our fair share of spreading words, letters and pictures around screens, walls and pages…but every now and then we really have a chance to STOP SOMEONE IN THEIR TRACKS. Today it was me and I’m still smiling.

If you don’t have the honor of doing this for a living like I do, stop by Communication Arts to see some beautiful work.