The Man who proved Marketing is Priceless

August 25, 2011

In the wake of Steve Jobs’ resignation yesterday, the Internet is littered with chatter.

There is of course the adoration of the man and his accomplishments. There are the Wall Street watchers eyeballing the stock as the echo-effect of an honest to God change agent impacts a true brand’s valuation.

The most fascinating headline I’ve seen attributes to Steve Jobs the title: “Master Inventor, Marketer.” Well of course he is. But how many people can you say that of? And how many people would own the label of marketer and believe it is “not a dirty word.”

Inventor. Marketer. Remember that those two words are not mutually exclusive.

The world is desperate for those with a vision. And more than ever people are seeking someone compelling enough to clearly convey a vision and lead. Not just on “Wall Street.” Not just on “Main Street.” Right there in the office where you sit. Right here in mine. And in our homes.

Are you the next “Master Inventor, Marketer?