Recognition Matters

November 29, 2011

We’ve got a page on our Website that talks about the awards we have won for our client work. We poke fun at ourselves about it. The list keeps getting longer–almost 100 awards in 4 years–but we are supposed to say awards don’t matter. We don’t spend much time thinking about them…besides wondering WHO ON EARTH is going to DUST THEM in our lobby.

But awards do matter. And we know that because our clients and prospects keep proving they matter by asking about them.

  • We recently participated in two agency pitches and among the first three questions we were asked: “Have you won any awards…and which ones?” We typically say, “Sure, sure. For this and that. Here is the link to all our awards.” There is somehow an additional sense of confidence in the selection process when someone else has acknowledged the firm.
  • Several of our clients are interested in quantifying and receiving third party validation for their marketing efforts (and expenditures) and appreciate copies of awards because it raises their stock internally.

We are proud of the opportunity to serve our clients with ideas that generate results. And the trophies really are fun. But if you know us, you’ll believe us when we say the results we generate (in leads, in visibility, in differentiation, in user experience, in credibility, in cultural change, in REVENUE)…those results are what prove we are winners.


NOTE: While we’re at it, don’t forget to enter the Atlanta Marketing Association AMY Awards. The call for entries is now open and accessible at: