It’s Kickoff time America

February 9, 2012

Anybody that watched the Super Bowl and saw the Clint Eastwood spot had to be moved. If you have blood in your veins.

It has been a major haul for a lot of people and the uphill climb continues for so many. I have a client in Detroit and I go past those empty buildings, see decaying property, imagine the fear among those that think help isn’t coming.

My suggestion is that it is not “half-time” America. It is “kickoff” time. Every day we live in a free market economy it is a kickoff day. Every day we wake up in a non-communist country–particularly this one where ANYONE can be ANYTHING–it is a kickoff day.

And if you are waiting for help to come…you need to look in a mirror. You are the person you have been waiting for. There is no better time to take a risk…to try to be anything…than when your recent options have dried up.

There is a reason people escaped communist countries, risked their lives, spent their fortunes, and left all that they loved to get to a place where they had COMPLETE FREEDOM TO BE ANYTHING.

The beauty of America is that dreams are not only born here, they are built here. If you can dream it, you can be it. As the SuperBowl commercial suggested, today’s dreams and today’s successes are “imported from…” right here in America. I believe that with every chamber of my second-generation immigrant heart.

It is NOT half-time America. It is not half-time for you personally. It is your kickoff. NOW KICK IT!!!!!!