Brand Citizenship–Good Businesses Do Good

November 26, 2016

When we founded Modo Modo Agency in 2007, we were excited to forge a great reputation for our new brand. For us, entrepreneurship the second time around meant creating a business that enabled us to hire great people, do great work and do good things.

In this spirit, we created our DoGooder program. Since 2007, we’ve donated more than 2,500 hours of community service to a range of organizations whose causes were a passion for our employees. Additionally, we’ve done pro bono service for nearly a dozen firms.

We created a volunteer program for the right reasons—to bond with our team and make a difference for others. Since that time, the subject of corporate citizenship has taken on a very visible role in companies large and small.

Brand Quarterly wrote an article on the emerging importance of Brand Citizenship. They say, Assimilating attributes of brand leadership, loyalty and good citizenship, Brand Citizenship helps to strengthen reputation, grow equity and increase return on investment of sustainability activities. It is an integrated strategy that aids businesses to simultaneously earn a profit, sustain the environment and better society—co-creating a more positive future alongside people. A win-win-win approach.”

Modo Modo doesn’t advocate creating outreach and volunteerism programs solely to earn brand affinity. Yet, it must be said, that in today’s world—with the pull of Millennials and the importance they place on corporate good—failing to have such a program in place leaves a hole in your brand.

Marketers have long understood that people connect with brands emotionally. Ensuring that your business has a mission and soul—beyond your profit motive—is the surest way to connect on another plane with customers and constituents.

With the emphasis companies place on being an employer of choice, and competing for the best talent, that “soul beyond the business mission” is more important by the day. To build the best brands, you must compete for the best customers…and to serve them well, you must deliver with the best employees. Employees are drawn to businesses that make a difference.

When forming your business plan initially, or when realigning your brand for the future, you must consider these points of connectivity with your broader community.  Sustain your passion and purpose by ensuring that you serve a higher master than profit. In this way, you can recruit the best talent and appeal to consumers that expect more than quality.

Make no mistake profit is essential. It takes a strong vision, a great team and a constant effort to stay financially sound. It is only from this position that you can afford to do things that matter beyond the business.

Several years ago I saw Jack Welch speak and he said something to the effect of “you can’t feed the world from an empty basket.”

At Thanksgiving, it’s appropriate to pause and give thanks for our loved ones, our talents, our gifts of spirit, and the opportunity we have to make a difference. At Modo Modo we work hard to serve our customers and from this we fill our basket. From this basket we grow, we bond and we happily do good. Or as we like to say, “You do good, we DoGooder.”