What’s Your Type?

February 14, 2018

Does Valentine’s Day find you alone, without a significant font love in your life? No one special to typeset that new project with? Or worse still, are you feeling like you’ve been with your font “boo” for too long? Tired of seeing their smug typeface all around town?

You may be looking online for something new, or your friends may be trying to set you up. But it always ends the same. A never-ending turnstile of losers and weirdos that make you want to close your laptop and close up shop.

We understand. But don’t worry, the matchmaking crew here at Modo Modo can help you find your true fontmate. You know, a lovely, sensitive type that you can see yourself settling down with and starting a family. A dreamy font with well-defined arms and deep, expressive eyes.

Simply take our quick quiz to identify the personality that best describes you. Then, let the special, patent-pending, typographic love algorithm do its job, and you could be looking at the typeface of your dreams. Or, at the very least, a hot new font that gets your heart racing.

What type of personality do you have?


Are you artistic? Curious about everything and seeking novelty and variety in your life? Do you struggle with routine? Do “unpredictable” or “risk taker” describe you? If this is you, click ‘YES’ — you’re about to meet your fontmate.

Yep. That’s me!


Are you an organized, dependable go-getter in any environment? Were you voted “Most Likely to Over-Achieve” in high school? Do you plan things in such detail that you annoy your Type A friends? Are you obsessing over the leading and kerning in this blog post? Boy, do we have a pragmatic, by-the-numbers font for you. Just click ‘YES’ and meet your match.

Yep. That’s me!


Are you brimming with positive, assertive energy? Are you the most sociable and chatty of your friends? Does the idea of an after-work happy hour get you super pumped? Great! Put on your dancing shoes and click ‘YES,’ because you’re going to be out all night with your new crush.

Yep. That’s me!


Would you describe yourself as compassionate and trustworthy? Have you adopted three or more rescue animals because…well, of course you did, bless your heart. Ready to put your faith into a great font relationship? Just click ‘YES,’ because we’ve got just your type.

Yep. That’s me!


Do you see things more clearly, and let’s face it, more accurately than others? Do your friends sometimes describe you as insufferable, incessantly talking about yourself? Your ego sounds like it’s taking up a lot of space, but make some room for the new love of your font life. Click ‘YES’ to meet a very special font.

Yep. That’s me!

Take heart. If you didn’t find yourself here, that’s OK. There are thousands of fonts in the sea. And no worries, because we dig all kinds (except for that one font we really hate).