We are an award-winning agency

We have helped over 200 firms, from Fortune 10 companies to high-growth ventures, target, capture and grow their market.

Modo means "the way." We want to help you find it. And there are two Modos, because frequency helps with recall and we want you to remember us.

“Solving business problems in practical ways with marketing”

What makes us different is that while everybody else seems to talk about "branding strategies," "marketing methodologies" and "creative processes," we're a lot more passionate about solving business problems in practical ways with marketing. Ways that help you do the most important—and often most difficult—thing that you must do: And that is to sell and grow like mad.

We like to push ourselves as if there's a big hurry. Because there is.

Our awards

If you are going to do it, well do it and do it well.


AMY Award
  • Visual Identity | B2B
Agency Spotter
  • #1 on the Top 30 Marketing Agencies
  • Top 20 Digital Agencies in Atlanta
  • 2019 Top 20 Best Advertising Agencies Atlanta
Agency Spotter
  • Top 30 Design Agencies
Inc. 5000
  • 2018 Inc. 5000 Winner
AMY Finalist
  • Direct Mail – Dimensional Mailer
Atlanta Business Chronicle
  • Top 50 Largest Advertising & Marketing Firms Atlanta
  • Top 20 Advertising Agencies Atlanta
dotCOMM Awards
  • Platinum | Video for the Web, Short Form
  • Platinum | Video for the Web, How -To Series
  • Gold | Website, Redesign
  • Gold | Website Element, Landing Page
  • Honorable Mention | Website, Professional Service
  • Honorable Mention | Online Media Design, eCommunication
Agency Spotter
  • Top 20 Branding Agency
  • Top 20 Web Design Agency
Hermes Creative Awards
  • Platinum, Integrated Marketing Campaign
  • Platinum, Advertising, Direct Mail
  • Honorable Mention, Pro Bono
  • Platinum, Interactive Media | Video Creativity , Animation
  • Gold, Interactive Media | Video Creativity , Writing
Enterprising Women Magazine
  • Enterprising Women Champion
Summit Creative Awards
  • Gold | Video Promotion
  • Bronze | B2B Website
Agency Spotter
  • Top 50 Digital Agencies
  • Top 50 Design Agencies
TiE Atlanta
  • TiE Atlanta Entrepreneur of the Year
Stevie Award
  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year
Davey Awards
  • Silver | Online Video Series
  • Silver | Corporate Identity Logos
  • Silver | Design & Print Collateral
  • Silver | Promotional Specialty Item
Inc. 5000
  • 2017 Inc. 5000 Winner
Best Place To Work
  • 2017 Best Place To Work Winner
AMY Awards
  • Web & Interactive Marketing | Lead Generation/ecommerce
AMY Finalist
  • Integrated Marketing | B2B
Agency Spotter
  • Top 10 Atlanta Digital Agency
  • Top 20 Atlanta Marketing Agency
  • Top 20 Atlanta Design Agency
  • Top 20 Atlanta Advertising Agency
Atlanta Business Chronicle
  • Top 50 Advertising & Marketing Firms
PRINT Magazine Regional Design Annual 2017
  • Regional Winner, 2017 Print Regional Design Annual
Telly Awards
  • Bronze, Film/Video | Commercials, Marketing in General (Small Budget)
Summit Emerging Media Award
  • Visionary Award, Multimedia Campaign
  • Innovator Award, Website
dotCOMM Awards
  • Platinum | Video for the Web, Nonprofit
  • Platinum | Website, Graphic Design
  • Gold | Website, Marketing, PR, Advertising, Digital Agency
  • Gold | Video for the Web, Design How-To Video Series
  • Honorable Mention | Website, Professional Services
  • Honorable Mention | Website, Business to Business
W3 Awards
  • Gold | General Website Categories Insurance
  • Gold | General Website Categories Self Promotion
AMY Awards
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign – General Market B2B
MarCom Awards
  • Platinum Award, Website, Marketing, PR, Advertising Agency
  • Platinum Award, Web Video, Self-Promotion
  • Gold Award, Website, Business-to-Business
  • Gold Award, Website, Redesign/Remodel
  • Gold Award, Website, Web Content
  • Gold Award, Print Design, Direct Mail/Dimensional Mailer
  • Gold Award, integrated Marketing Campaign
  • Honorable Mention, Radio, Single Spot
Business Marketing Association B2 Awards
  • Microsite – Award of Excellence
  • Dimensional Direct Mail - Winner
Hermes Creative Awards
  • Platinum, Video, Medical
  • Platinum, Video, YouTube Video
  • Gold, Integrated Marketing Campaign
  • Gold, Website, Professional Service
  • Gold, Video, Self-Promotion
  • Honorable Mention, Video, YouTube Video
  • Honorable Mention, Advertising, Tradeshow
Horizon Interactive Awards
  • Gold, Print | Brochure
  • Silver, Advertising | Integrated Campaign
  • Silver, Email | Ecard
  • Silver, Email | Promotion
  • Sliver, Video | Promotional
  • Silver, Video | Broadcast Commercial
  • Sliver, Websites | Self-Promotion/Portfolio
AMY Awards
  • Visual Branding/Identity B2B
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign B2B
AMY Finalist
  • Web & Interactive Marketing – Brand Awareness
  • Event Marketing – Event > $100k Investment
Ava Digital Awards
  • Platinum Award, Website, Business to Business
  • Platinum Award, Advertising, Display, Pop-Ups, Banners
  • Platinum Award, Interactive Communications, eBrochure
  • Gold Award, Advertising, Display, Pop-Ups, Banners
  • Gold Award, Website, Business to Business
MarCom Awards
  • Platinum Award, Video/Film, Marketing Product or Service
  • Platinum Award, Web Video, Medical
  • Platinum Award, Direct Marketing, Brochure
  • Platinum Award, Print Creativity, Self-Promotion
  • Gold Award, Digital Media, Microsite
  • Honorable Mention, Video/Film, Informational
  • Honorable Mention, Environmental, Pro Bono
  • Honorable Mention, Infographic Poster
Summit Creative Awards
  • Gold, B2B Direct Marketing
Communicator Awards
  • Gold Award of Excellence, Websites, Computer/IT Software
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Websites, Visual Appeal
Horizon Interactive Awards
  • Gold, Websites | Corporate & B2B
  • Silver, Websites | Corporate & B2B
  • Bronze, Websites | Advocacy & Non-Profit
  • Winner | Distinguished Agency/Developer
AMY Awards
  • Agency Marketer of the Year
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign B2B
AMY Finalist
  • Visual Branding & Identity B2C
  • Tradeshow Event > $100K
Summit Emerging Media Award
  • Leader Award, Product/Service Video
  • Innovator Award, B2B Product Website
  • Innovator Award, Visual Design – App Brand Identity
  • Book Illustration Design
Turknett Leadership Character Awards
  • Finalist, Moira Vetter
Oxford Center
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Moira Vetter
Atlanta Business Chronicle
  • Women Who Mean Business, Moira Vetter
TAG Marketing
  • B2B Marketing Executive of the Year Finalist, Moira Vetter
AMY Finalist
  • Visual Branding & Identity B2B
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Web & Interactive Marketing, Brand Awareness
International Davey Awards
  • Gold, Direct Mail – Business-to-Business
  • Silver, Websites, Education
  • Silver, Online Advertising & Marketing, Display Advertising B-to-B
  • Silver, Online Advertising & Marketing, Display Advertising B-to-B
  • Silver, Print – Brochure
  • Silver, Print – Other – Book
  • Silver, Mobile Websites - Business
W3 Awards
  • Silver Award, Banner Campaign - Publishing
  • Silver Award, Landing Page - Publishing
  • Silver Award, Landing Page – Professional Services
Creativity 43rd Print & Packaging Competition
  • Gold Award, Publications - Book Design, Jacket or Cover, Single Unit
  • Gold Award, Print - Brochure, Business to Business, Single Unit
  • Silver Award, Category: Print - Dimensional Promotion, Single Unit
  • Honorable Mention, Publications - Magazine Ad, B2B, Single Unit
  • Honorable Mention, Print - Dimensional Promotion, Single Unit
  • Honorable Mention, Print - Direct Mail, Single Unit
Summit Creative Award
  • Gold, Logo Redesign
  • Silver, B2B Direct Marketing – 3-D
  • Bronze, Non-Profit Website
  • Bronze, B2B Product/Services Brochure
  • Bronze, B2B Direct Marketing – 3-D
Hermes Creative Awards
  • Platinum Award, Publications/Brochure
  • Gold, Advertising/Direct Mail Piece
  • Gold, Design/Logo
  • Honorable Mention, Pro Bono
  • Honorable Mention, Advertising/Direct Mail Piece
Communicator Awards
  • Gold Award of Excellence, Environmental Advertising
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Online Advertising & Marketing, Email Marketing
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Websites, Education (1)
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Websites, Education (2)
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Websites, Pharmaceuticals
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Marketing/Promotion, Direct Mail (1)
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Marketing/Promotion, Direct Mail (2)
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Public Service/Pro Bono
American Web Design Awards
  • Website, B2B
  • Website, Non-Profit
  • Website, Announcements/Invites
AMY Awards
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign, Business-to-Business
AMY Finalist
  • Digital Advertising
  • Direct Mail Marketing, 3D (1)
  • Direct Mail Marketing, 3D (2)
International Davey Awards
  • Best in Show, Promotional - Specialty Item
  • Silver, Websites, Professional Services
  • Silver, Outdoor/Environmental - Signage/Environmental Graphics
American Graphic Design Awards
  • Logo (1)
  • Logo (2)
  • Website Design
  • Public Service & Pro Bono, Event Campaign Branding & Design
  • Self-Promotion, Dimensional Mailer
Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards
  • Silver, B2B Service, Digital Marketing
Summit Creative Award
  • Silver, Self-Promotion Print Advertising
  • Bronze, B2B Direct Marketing - Flat Single
  • Bronze, Self-Promo Invite/Holiday Card/Announcement
Communicator Awards
  • Silver Award of Distinction,Corporate Identity - Logo
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Film/Video, Corporate Image
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Marketing Direct Mail (1)
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Marketing Direct Mail (2)
American Web Design Awards
  • Website, Non-Profit
  • Website, Announcements/Invites
AMY Awards
  • Direct Mail Marketing, 3D
AMY Finalist
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign, Business-to-Business
  • Direct Mail Marketing, 3D
  • Web and Interactive Marketing, Brand Awareness
  • Search Marketing SEO
MarCom Awards
  • Platinum Award, Direct Mail/Brochure
  • Platinum Award, Microsite
  • Platinum Award, Writing/Web Copy
  • Gold Award, Direct Mail/Dimensional Mailer
  • Gold Award, Annual Report, Pro Bono
  • Gold Award, Tradeshow Exhibit
  • Gold Award, Writing/Other
  • Honorable Mention, Brochure/Catalog
  • Honorable Mention, Website, Pro Bono
Phoenix Award
  • Marketing Business to Business, Products
International Davey Awards
  • Gold Award, Direct Mail, Business to Business (1)
  • Gold Award, Direct Mail, Business to Business (2)
  • Silver Award, Websites, Copy/Writing
  • Silver Award, Print Campaign, Business to Business
W3 Awards
  • Silver Award,Landing Page - Manufacturing
  • Silver Award, Web Copywriting
  • Silver Award, Microsite - Self-Promotion
Creativity 41st Print & Packaging Competition
  • Honorable Mention, Dimensional Promotion, Single Unit
American Graphic Design Awards
  • Direct Mail & Direct Response, Dimensional Mailer
  • Internet Design, Web Design
  • Self-Promotion, Dimensional Mailer
Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards
  • Platinum, New Product/Service Introduction
  • Silver, Business to Business Product
Communicator Awards
  • Gold Award of Excellence, Business/Trade Publication Ad
  • Silver Award of Distinction, eNewsletter
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Websites, Copy or Writing
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Marketing/Promo, Announcement
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Marketing, Self-Promotion
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Marketing/Promotion, Design
American Web Design Awards
  • Website, B-to-B
  • Website, Self-Promotion
  • Website, Miscellaneous
Summit Creative Award
  • Gold, Self-Promotion Campaign
  • Bronze, Complete Branding Package
  • Bronze, B2B Trade Publication Advertising
Hermes Creative Awards
  • Platinum Award, Writing/Web Copy
  • Gold, Design/Web Site Overall
  • Honorable Mention, Microsite
AMY Awards
  • Visual Branding & Identity B2B
  • Event Marketing – Under $100K
AMY Finalist
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign
Communicator Awards
  • Gold Award of Excellence, Company Overview Brochure
  • Gold Award of Excellence, Marketing Self-Promotion
  • Silver Award of Distinction, B2B Brochure
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Copy/Writing Brochure
Summit Creative Award
  • Silver, Self-Promotion Brochure/Mailer
  • Bronze, Self-Promo Invite/Holiday Card/Announcement
Summit Emerging Media Award
  • Leader Award, E-Zine/Newsletters
  • Leader Award, Best Copy/Writing
Ava Awards
  • Platinum Award, Video, Marketing
  • Platinum Award, Video, Medical/External
International Davey Awards
  • Silver Award, Websites/Virtual Tradeshow
W3 Awards
  • Silver Award, Web Copywriting
MarCom Awards
  • Platinum Award, Microsite
  • Platinum Award, Video/Film-making/Marketing
  • Gold Award, DVD/CD/Other
  • Gold Award, Brochure/Pamphlet
  • Honorable Mention, Writing/Advertorial
  • Honorable Mention, Marketing/Promotion/Post Card
Fastest Growing Women-Owned Firms
  • Atlanta Business Chronicle
Creativity Print & Packaging Competition
  • Silver Award, Cards & Invitations
  • Honorable Mention, Brochure – B2B
  • Honorable Mention, T-shirts/Caps/Apparel
American Graphic Design Awards
  • Dimensional Mail Campaign
  • Advertisement
  • Self-promotion Holiday Card
  • Self-promotion Mailer
Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards
  • Silver, Business to Business
American Web Design Awards
  • Website
  • Pro Bono Website
AMY Awards
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign
AMY Finalist
  • Visual Branding/Identity
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign
PIAG Print Excellence Competition
  • Best in Category
MarCom Platinum Award
  • Company Overview Brochure
  • Brochure Writing
  • Logo Design
  • Pro Bono Event Marketing
PRINT Magazine Regional Design Annual
MarCom Gold Award
  • Business to Business Brochure
  • Pro Bono Website
  • Brochure Design
  • Web Copywriting
  • Writing
  • News Article Writing
Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA)
  • Silver Winner, Brochure
  • Merit Winner, Publications/External
American Graphic Design Awards
  • Internet Design
  • Public Service + Pro Bono Projects
  • Sales Promotion + Sales Kits
AMY Awards
  • 2008 AMY Finalist, Brand Identity

We won an award every 14 days for 10 years.

We’ve won 240+ awards from branding to digital to direct response and more. Basically, an award every 14 days for over 10 years.

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Moira Vetter

CEO & Model Modo Modo’er

Moira Vetter didn't get serious about business until third grade. Thirty years & hundreds of clients later, her marketing counsel generates revenue and impact for serious brands.

Behind every great organization is a first-class, buck stopper.

Moira founded Modo Modo Agency in 2007 after holding nearly every position on the agency org chart and doing time client-side in technology and healthcare.

She is a Forbes contributor, the author of AdVenture, and serves on the AMA Executive Advisory Board and the Zoo Atlanta Conservation Society. She has won the AMA Atlanta Agency Marketer of the Year award, an inaugural Atlanta Business Chronicle Women Who Mean Business award & an Enterprising Woman Entrepreneur of The Year award.

Nonprofessional claim to fame

Singer for 90s pop band Whirligig. Their hit "I Work With an Idiot," featuring Vetter on lead vocals, was played on 99X.

Jennifer Watson

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Jennifer Watson is our chief creative strategist and technologist. And she is intense. Intensely focused on markets, trends, businesses, technologies, goals, creativity, the arts, the sciences…the everything.  

Her rare combination of left and right-brained thinking ensures that our clients never have an artist cramming creativity down their throats at the expense of the business.

Under her leadership the talented Modo Modo Agency team has won more than 200 awards…about an award every 14 days. Before co-founding Modo Modo Agency in 2007, she spent 15 years client-side in Communications & Web Management. 

Nonprofessional claim to fame

Jennifer won the coveted Mud Queen title for piling the most mud on herself in a 1970s episode of the Saturday Morning ABC Television show Kidsworld.

Amanda Creger

Directory of Strategy

As director of strategy, Amanda has worked on every major client we’ve had in the last 8 years. She’s managed them, researched them, coached them, helped them, served them and acted alongside them.

She has 15 years experience in the trenches and in the boardroom with agency clients, having worked on every conceivable type of assignment from company positioning and branding, new company and product launches, sales force enablement, thought leadership, social engagement and every kind of nurture, drip, touch, push and pull exercise.  While known for her deep-dive questions, she knows that without action…strategy is meaningless.

Nonprofessional claim to fame

As a member of a traveling circus, she has lived in 9 different cities and experienced some pretty cool things…even having walked on fire. (Well, most of this is true anyway.)

Kirk Wells

Associate Creative Director

Kirk is larger than life—and not just because he’s our tallest employee. He is an artist and artisan at his core; a true visual and creative thinker.

Kirk has 15 years’ agency experience and 11 years’ experience with Modo Modo. He has a BFA in graphic design and was an invaluable collaborator with Moira Vetter on AdVenture—for which he received the Ben Franklin Award for illustration. He has helped shape the visual aesthetic of Modo Modo from our founding and has been a huge contributor to the company we have become.

Before Kirk started designing brand systems and concepting campaigns, he was catching passes and blocking tackles as a tight end for the Florida Gators. You might have even seen him score a touchdown in Sugar Bowl X.

Nonprofessional claim to fame

He won $600 on an episode of Cash Cab in NYC.

Khoi Ta

Studio Manager

Khoi is a master juggler and a wearer of many hats. On any given day, he can be found routing projects, cooking up a gourmet meal in the Modo Modo kitchen, behind the camera during an in-house photoshoot, coordinating vendors, and/or just about anything else you can think of. He joined the team in 2012 on the Account Service side of the biz. A few years later, he found his calling in studio management, and has been keeping projects moving efficiently through the agency ever since.

Khoi is fluent in Vietnamese and is a graduate of Georgia State University, where he majored in marketing and managerial sciences. In his spare time, he loves to cook and enjoys spending time with his niece and nephew.

Nonprofessional claim to fame

Khoi is the current Modo Modo ping pong champion and resident documentarian.

Jennifer Close

Group Account Director

Jennifer spends her days in the thick of it on the client side of the business. As Director of Account Service, she focuses on the quality and value delivered across client relationships, and supports the development and growth of the Modo Modo Account Service team.

Jennifer has eight years of strategic marketing and sales enablement experience in the agency world. She has direct experience with the challenges and rewards of bringing an idea to life from concept—with an innate ability to understand the realities at play for all parties.

Jennifer graduated from Kennesaw State University and takes an active role in engaging the next generation of marketing talent through her involvement with the university. She currently serves on the Kennesaw State University Sales & Marketing Board of Advisors, and served on the Board of the American Marketing Association (AMA) Atlanta Chapter from 2010-2014.

Nonprofessional claim to fame

She was in Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Her scene was also featured on Oprah.

Ida Persson

Associate Creative Director

Born and raised in the north of Sweden, Ida brings her Scandinavian sensibility for clean and uncluttered design to the Modo Modo team. As the Associate Creative Director, she spends her days developing and overseeing a variety of design solutions that are both visually compelling and strategically on-target.

With inspiration from two worlds, she finds beauty in the unexpected, but approaches her work—and design as a whole—as problem solving; not just making things visually pleasing. Ida is a graduate of the University of Alabama, where she studied digital media and advertising. She was also the captain of the Alabama swim team and held the school record in the 100 freestyle.

Nonprofessional claim to fame

Ida medaled in the Swedish Junior Championship and can swim 75 meters under water.

Allen Hsu

UX Design Lead

Allen is the UX Design Lead at Modo Modo Agency, focused on the latest design trends and rapidly evolving development technologies impacting the interactive space. As a hybrid designer and developer, he carries a project from conception to design to development and testing.

Ever the world explorer, Allen was born in Houston, raised in Taipei, Taiwan, graduated from school in Montreal, Quebec, and finally settled in Atlanta to pursue his creative and development passions. Now, he uses his multicultural background to design and execute digital campaigns that connect with diverse global audiences.

Nonprofessional claim to fame

Allen was once a contracted musician who has produced music for TV and internet commercials.

Nicole Wedekind

Group Account Director

Driven by curiosity, Nicole is the wing woman who thinks hard—and gets things done. A passionate marketer, Nicole’s work experience crosses from client-side to agency and from creative to account strategy.

While she started her career in Operations, she quickly realized that strategic growth is just as much internal as external. Her career has stretched her to spearhead social and digital media strategies, lead in-house design initiatives, and develop strategies to help position brands.

Nicole wholeheartedly embraces the idea that “curiosity is the engine of achievement” and is actively involved in wherever her passions take her: whether that's serving on a local non-profit board or testing out a new cookbook.

Nicole has a Masters in Advertising from Savannah College of Art & Design and a BS in International Affairs from Georgia Tech. If she had enough hours in the day to be a Modoer and stay in school, she would be a student forever. For now, she considers herself a student of her clients and their stories.

Nonprofessional claim to fame

Nicole is a published mustard calligraphist.