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Choose Your Customers Carefully

Modo Modo Agency

January 16, 2008

It gets very easy when the calls start to slow down and web referrals become less frequent to take what’s in front of you and “close it.” Unfortunately, it does prevent you from controlling your growth or building your business from your vision.

If you’re the sort of business that relies heavily on referrals or drifts with the tides, do your homework before saying yes. Being selective, though counter-intuitive, is more important when opportunities are thin, than when opportunities are plentiful. Do you even WANT to work with these people? More importantly, do you want to work with the customers you already have?

If the answer is no, you need to do a better job (or different job) of qualifying or change your business model to net a different kind of fish. If you’re fishing for Flounder and keep catching Pickerel, ask yourself why. You’re either at the wrong water source (list), you’re using the wrong bait or equipment (marketing messaging and tactics), or you won’t admit that Pickerel and you are drawn to one another (is there a new business model or sales stream for you in Pickerel?).