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Don’t Run Your Business Like a Political Campaign

Modo Modo Agency

January 26, 2008

Every time there is an election, someone seems to care what I think again. My email inbox is filled with polls. How do I feel about the economy, do I work outside the home for wages, how often do I shop at Walmart, and have I ever belonged to the NRA?

This information is overlayed with the things I care about until I can be spliced, diced, parsed, scattered and fried. I participate because I consider myself in the opinion business. The sad part is that I know when the phone will stop ringing and my inbox will be empty. November 3rd. I won’t matter anymore on that day. Not like I matter now.

Whatever you do, don’t make your customers feel that way. If your customers can time your concern and interest to your board meeting, your SEC filing date, your annual sales meeting, or some other arbitrary day that matters to you but not to them…it’s a damn shame. Care what they think everyday. If you don’t care, at least be consistent about it.

I’m trying hard not to sound like Andy Rooney. I’ll spare you the picture of the polls mounting in my inbox or the mailers I’ve received from candidates. I can even hear Andy’s cadence as I type. I bet he’s already done this story before. Just not on my blog.