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Times are challenging. Work with people you like.

Modo Modo Agency

August 16, 2008

So many companies are caught up in the grind of product and solution launches that they forget to step back from what they’re doing to focus.

To be really successful in serving clients with real-world marketing challenges, agencies need to be able to find a place for themselves and begin providing triage. It’s not unlike a double-dutch jump rope champion rocking and watching the ropes hit the ground and then jumping in when they see the perfect break.

If you’re one of those companies that needs something, but doesn’t know what, begin talking to agencies. Someone will connect with you personally, will connect your dots and the right one will just feel right and slip into your workflow naturally.

You may need one or two things to fine tune your brand and then you may not need serious support for 6 months or longer. Or, you may need a ton of help immediately, and a BUNCH more in a few days when the fruits of your labor, or the hornets from your nest, appear before you. Good agencies will see what environment you’re in and will know whether to leave you alone or come out and shove past the bodies to assist you.

Plenty of people want to spend money but no one wants to waste it. Make sure your agency understands that. If you’ve found the right agency, they will be able to give you the best recommendation you can afford. They won’t ever make you feel bad about it whether your $10,000 falls short or your $5,000,000 is too slim to hit the reach and frequency you need. If it feels creepy talking to them about your budgets, stop doing it and find someone that feels more like a partner.

Great clients have very little to do with the size of their budget. Great clients are interested, open, vulnerable, they grant access to the right people, they work with the agency on the same team and they are appreciative (we love you Carol!). Great clients can inspire an agency to run through brick walls with smiles on their faces. Not all the time, not just for fun, not because they can, but because they have a real need, they communicate about it clearly and they appreciate the effort.

Great clients are why Modo Modo Agency is in business and why we want to be in business. Thank you to all clients for a great 2008!!!