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Industry Goes Back To School

Modo Modo Agency

July 31, 2009

After several quarters of low turnout at trade shows and conferences, there appears to be a turnaround trend. Many conferences in industries from marketing to healthcare to architecture to energy have gone back to the basics of learning.

Conferences and shows are experiencing record turnout because rather than hosting the same old category gorilla, hawking his same old spiel, the groups are taking a close look at industry game changers, reinventions and innovations. There are tipping points all around–some influenced by the economy, some influenced by the continued explosion of technology, much influenced by a shift in the priorities of buyers. Those that want to pull ahead and dominate are opening their minds. Is your product marketing strategy on auto pilot or are you tapping in to the changes around you?

When considering whether to attend an upcoming conference or considering how to approach your marketing strategy for the latter half of 2009, think about what you have to learn and what you have to teach.

It’s back to school time right now for all of us.