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Lead Your Industry to Greatness

Modo Modo Agency

August 31, 2009

Many companies are struggling to balance a focus R&D and innovation during the down market. Their dollars are being shifted to lead gen efforts and sales people are under enormous pressure to produce.

But it is the very investment in the industry and the customers of the future that is leading to the greatest successes for our customers. In some cases, our customers sit on standards boards that establish the criteria for excellence in their industry. Other clients are testifying before Congress and advocating for their customers in a national policy debates. Still others are reaching out to consultants and partners to find ways to deliver “big E” Enormous cost savings for their customers (in ways that aren’t even connected to a direct sale).

When the hot seat gets to hot, get out of it. Go sit in someone else’s seat. Look outside your immediate area and your immediate interests and take care of an important customer or constituent. You will be amazed at what you learn.