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Who cares about award-winning agencies?!

Modo Modo Agency

October 31, 2009

This post feels redundant because last month’s blog was about awards we had won. Guess what? We just won 10 more. Awards aren’t everything, but they are something and here’s why.

Awards highlight a variety of things depending on the organization granting them. While some competitions highlight design alone, others focus on messaging strategy, integration strategies and RESULTS–things that speak to marketing effectiveness. We enter all kinds of awards and we get especially excited about those that acknowledge the thinking, the writing, the strategy…and yes, the design, too. All components work together to make a piece break through, stand out, get remembered and drive the intended result (awareness, engagement, leads, etc.)

We are particularly proud of the range of our work that was recognized by the 2009 International MarCom Awards presented by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. And the winner is…

PlatinumDesign/Logo – IQ Laboratories “IQL” Logo

PlatinumPro Bono Event- The AMY Awards Materials

PlatinumBrochure/Company Overview – Modo Modo Overview Brochure

PlatinumWriting for a Brochure – Modo Modo Overview Brochure

GoldPro Bono Website – 12 for Life Web Site

GoldDesign/Brochure – Covered Aerial MV Brochure

Gold – Brochure/Business to Business Category – Covered Aerial MV Brochure

GoldWriting for a News Article – Investment Firm Redeems Coupon Processor

Gold Writing for Other – Modo Modo Create-O-Matic

Gold Writing/Web copy – Modo Modo Website