A few days ago, one of our clients won an innovation award for product development and marketing. It was the best kind of partnership because Modo Modo Agency was able to add value beyond the “Promotion P” in the Four Ps of Marketing (…or 5 Ps…wouldn’t want to leave the People out).

The most gratifying and enlightening activity for a true marketing partner is participating in the proof of concept of product development. The best marketing comes from working side by side with the client as ideas are vetted, driving focus groups and interviews with diverse groups of stakeholders, observing in field demos and gaining first hand feedback, testing messaging, and assisting as manufacturing challenges and opportunities are transferred into value propositions.

A business to business organization can always find someone to draft a better piece of collateral or design a communication vehicle better. What they can’t always find is a firm with an interest in the underlying business drivers and an appreciation for the gaps between buyers, sellers, marketers and innovators. We thank all of our clients for letting us play a role in closing those gaps and participating in meaningful results and success.