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Buck the market…GROW

Modo Modo Agency

April 30, 2010

Modo Modo Agency Ranks #2 on Fastest Growing Women-Owned Firms List by the Atlanta Business Chronicle

The last few year have seen plenty of ups and downs. Some media sources and some hard hit industries have dominated the discussion. But all is not darkness. In all this change are millions of opportunities for invention, reinvention and growth.

We don’t just profess this as cheerleaders for our clients…we say this because we have experienced it first hand. Modo Modo Agency was just ranked the 2nd Fastest Growing Women-owned Business in Atlanta by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

We’re proud of this because it puts us in league with our clients, attempting to grow in a variety of capacities. Some people hear “growth” and think of headcount or square footage at headquarters. We hear growth and ask more questions to determine how marketing can help achieve the specific growth our customer is after:

Geographic Expansion – marketing assists with voice of the customer and learns regional, national and international distinctions. Targeting is key.

Product Line Expansion – marketing helps articulate and leverage existing market experience that reinforces the new line value prop. If the lines are unrelated, marketing can focus more on establishing a distinct identity rapidly and getting to market.

Growth Through Acquisition – marketing helps understand the two firms coming together, the collective value prop, the comprehensive customer set and help align teams, messages and materials. Acquisitions also move at the speed of light so marketers play a critical role in rapidly assimilating information and organizing the launch of the retained or refreshed brand.

There are of course many more types of growth–across industry, across category, and more. Whatever the opportunity our customers face, we are always excited and curious to learn and grow with them. Our success in asking these questions, keeping this type of optimism and seeing the vision that our customer expresses leads to our own growth.

Here’s to more growth in 2010 and beyond. Let us know how we can help you.