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2012 Is Already Different

Modo Modo Agency

October 31, 2011

Something in the air is different. This year people are both aggressively completing their Q4 2011 AND planning for 2012. It is so refreshing to look in the eyes of people who believe the best if ahead of them.

Any of us who have lived through budgeting, hiring, selling or WAITING to do those things these last few years have waiting for momentum. Our company hasn’t simply tried to create it, but we’ve actually succeeded in creating it for several courageous companies who just kept on keeping on.

It’s no surprise that most of those companies were private companies and some as large as several billion dollars. The private companies had the flexibility to ACT LIKE THEY WERE STILL IN BUSINESS rather than try to recast realities for short-term shareholder snapshots. For those of us that kept deciding, acting and spending it was terrifying, a leap of faith and a luxury all at the same time.

But now, even the public companies are moving ahead as if commerce has to keep moving. And they are right. My feeling about business is like constant mass or matter. Mass stays constant, never leaving, but perhaps changing shape. Similarly, there is always a sea of business to be had…it doesn’t go away but the shape of it changes. The markets change, the buyers needs change, the prices people will pay change. What never changes is the need for innovation and creativity to navigate and find the opportunity in that mass of business.

And for anyone that wants to argue over the continually expanding universe and the theory that in fact mass and matter are ever-expanding, well that would be even better. It would mean that business is always expanding–whether we see it or not…whether are tiny little brains are evolved enough to see the expansive opportunities ahead of us.

Which brings us to 2012. A year that in many ways has expanded itself into our 2011 and is already here. We’ve begun working with our clients on what lies ahead. What a beautiful place to find yourself at the supposed end of the year. There is nothing better than getting to the end of something and realizing that your new journey is already underway.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”Henry Ford