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Entrepreneurs: Characters that Feed Marketing & Revenue

Modo Modo Agency

August 10, 2012

They say behind every successful so-and-so is a successful so-and-so. That’s true. But the successful one out in front is probably a character. A passionate, focused, infectious one…with a plan.

When we think of great companies—small and large—it’s hard NOT to think of the Entrepreneurs tied to them. With their quirks and passions and demons and stories. The stories are the stuff of legend. Brands are built from legends. And legends become iconic.

One character, Richard Branson, recently had a campaign built around his own story. .

It’s a wonderful campaign because it beautifully captures the incessant, sometimes charming—always inventive—qualities of an entrepreneur. Forgive them their trespasses for we will ALL benefit from their invention. Especially when their brand is Virgin.

I especially enjoyed the recent article on Richard in Entrepreneur. I don’t always agree with Entrepreneurial wisdom but I certainly love , the 5th being: Be visible: Market the company and its offerings…”

Embrace your story, embrace your passion, and shout it from the hillsides and mountaintops.  If you can’t do it fearlessly or constantly, hire someone to do it for you. Don’t keep your passion, entrepreneurial spirit and business vision from the world. We need it now more than ever.