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It’s 2013. You can’t stop to think anymore.

Modo Modo Agency

January 15, 2013

We usually work on plans with clients in September or October. Then we flip over how close the holidays are and start hoofing it. Why? Because business doesn’t wait for holidays, quarter ending results, year-end vacations. At least our business doesn’t.

The day you start building plans with big gaps for Spring break, Summer vacations, November and December slow-downs is the day you have raised the white flag. It may be hard to reach people during those times, but your buyers are always considering. Given today’s automation tools for sales and marketing like Pardot/Marketo/Eloqua/Salesforce or communication distribution tools like HootSuite, TweetDeck, or Slideshare…you should never have a black out period. Buyers don’t. People in need are always on the prowl. If you aren’t there, or you plan large gaps of silence, you will not be in the place you need to be when a buyer is considering.

You don’t have the luxury to stop to think before acting. You have to think while you’re acting, testing, changing, evolving and learning. You have to learn in a live environment, not a test environment. The real world is your marketing test environment.

There’s a lot Madonna can teach marketers, even those that hate her. She never stops working, inventing, promoting herself, conditioning herself and she never stops starting. Could be why Madonna put on the highest grossing tour of 2012 at age 54 with $228 Million dollars.

You don’t have to be the new business, the killer app, the first to market, you just need to know your audience, appeal to their loyalty, continue to add value and commit fiercely and completely to grow, to win and to dominate. If you’ve just started your 2013 marketing or you’re still delayed in getting on track with a vision for growth, you could learn something from Madonna that you’ll hear everyday if you work with Modo Modo Agency. No more talking or waiting, START RIGHT NOW. (Parental warning: Madonna says it best but her language isn’t for the faint of heart…listen if you dare.)

If you’re ready to start the show, we may have already started without you. Let’s GO!!!!!!