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Preach What You Practice

Modo Modo Agency

May 22, 2013

For many years we’ve focused heavily on thought leadership with several of our clients. And the secret to being a thought leader is…that there is no secret. All it requires is that you have experience, you have an opinion, you can state your knowledge and/or perspectives simply, and you have the discipline to do this repeatedly and consistently.

After 25 years of helping 170+ businesses manage all phases of growth, from a two-person company with one alpha client to Fortune 19 companies and every business in between, we’ve seen similar traits, themes and dynamics repeat again and again. That’s because entrepreneurs and their organizations do entirely new things in entirely the same ways. How the organization and its individuals respond to these dynamics is what leads to success or failure…that’s the real secret. It’s also the place where an outside perspective lends much-needed objectivity.

Knowing this, we decided to preach what we practice. And that took the form of our new book: AdVenture, An Outsider’s Inside View of Getting an Entrepreneur to Market (2013, NoYo Press), .

Part startup manifesto, part go-to-market handbook, AdVenture takes what we’ve seen, learned and understood about business, marketing, entrepreneurship and investors…and distills it down into seven core traits that entrepreneurs and enterprises need to be successful as the venture evolves from idea and launch through growth and maturity.

Because we also believe the beauty of a free market is that you get to choose your destiny every day, AdVenture examines the business lifecycle from three different perspectives—the entrepreneur, employee and investor—and explains how to apply these seven principles to the enterprise, no matter the role you choose to play today.

With business, marketing, investing and behavioral insights that we see every day, AdVenture is our way of preaching what we practice…in a way that entrepreneurial ventures can PUT into practice to ensure a faster and more rewarding path to success.