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Defending Your Life – B2B Companies under PE ownership

Modo Modo Agency

January 5, 2015

It’s sweet to specialize in B2B businesses. Modo Modo Agency’s leadership team has decades in the space and we love what we do. Our skills at helping mid-market B2B firms hone their sales and marketing approach is a huge asset to PE firms that are betting the farm on B2B in 2015. These transactions put executives under interesting pressure to prove they are learning, growing and growing their businesses. Spoiler: If you’re not going to read the entire blog you can go ahead and watch the Defending Your Life clip that should feel very similar to a quarterly board review:

According to Pitchbook, a group that researches and highlights the deals happening in the PE world, the greatest number of deals done in 2014 were B2B deals—1,917 of them to be exact. That’s almost 160 a month or 40 a week. Here’s a great infographic on the year in review at Pitchbook’s blog:

That’s significant for a few reasons for B2B marketing professionals:

  • PE firms expect quick returns on their investments
  • PE firms do not appreciate wasteful marketing spends
  • PE firms place a premium on rapid, strategic programs with little tolerance for “marketing as we’ve always done it.”

When our clients—either the B2B operating company’s senior leadership or the PE firm operating partners—come to us, they want to see a new plan of action. Much of this activity begins with assessing the effectiveness of past trade show activities, direct response programs, SEO/SEM programs and general marketing and social media activities. No surprise it’s often hard to quantify these activities and we’re asked to begin anew with a focus on results.

For Modo Modo Agency, being able to quickly understand complex businesses is beyond a cost of entry. We wouldn’t be at the table if we couldn’t do that. Our clients find a huge benefit in that we not only understand effective B2B marketing, but we understand the pressures of firms under PE ownership that are defending their lives on a quarterly basis. This clip from Defending Your Life seems not unlike the experience of the quarterly business review some of the executives we love undergo.

If this feels like your life in business and in the market, we are the best partner for you. We know how to read the numbers, quantify the activities and we’ll be kind along the way. Let’s make 2015 the year we all move forward.