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Modo Modo Agency Celebrates Major Commitment to Nonprofits in 2023

Modo Modo Agency

December 15, 2023

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“DoGooders” donate over a quarter of a million dollars to nonprofits this year

Modo Modo Agency, a creative and media agency, is proud to announce its expanded commitment to charitable causes in 2023 with new programs and a heavy investment in a select charity.

In 2023, despite an uncertain economy, the value of the company’s corporate social responsibility activities was consciously expanded. The agency poured into activities ranging from quarterly onsite volunteering to in-office service projects to company cash contributions and more. The value of this year’s overall contribution exceeded $296,000, bringing the total DoGooder commitment since launching in 2009 to 1.3 million dollars.

At the core of DoGooder, an employee-led committee chooses a range of community nonprofits for quarterly onsite volunteer support. In 2023, DoGooders supported Status: Home, The Chattahoochee National Park Conservancy, MedShare and the Foundation for Hospital Art.

Modo Modo Agency DoGooder Volunteers 2023

“We’re so proud of DoGooder’s impact on the organizations and individuals we support,” said Modo Modo Agency CEO, Moira Vetter. “Giving back and going beyond what is expected are core values at Modo Modo. Especially during times of economic uncertainty, we feel an even greater responsibility to support our community.”

A significant pro bono investment was made this fall to support the ALS Association and the Kerry & Gary Challenge to Defeat ALS. The agency employed an intern, created digital, social media, and physical activations for fundraising, and brought in PR partner, Rhythm Communications. This labor of love, as well as cash donations to both rivals in the Kerry and Gary challenge, was an investment worth $82,000 alone.

“You often hear ‘we want to help,’ but Modo Modo Agency truly means it. Moira and her team don’t just provide support — they convene and elevate all work for good!” said The ALS Association Territory Executive, Cal Books. “A big thank you to Modo Modo for their partnership and great example.”

Finally, Modo Modo Agency donated over $20,000 in cash to a variety of organizations in 2023, including 48in48, Soccer in the Streets, Campbell-Stone Retirement Community, The Sandwich Project, and more.

When not giving back to the community, Modo Modo Agency provides leading global brands and high-growth mid-market companies with branding and advertising creative, paid media strategy and management, internal communications, and recruitment marketing support. To learn more about the DoGooders at Modo Modo Agency, visit