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Episode 11 – Flying Ping Pong Balls, Fig Trees & Demystifying PR

Marketing Madhouse with Moira Vetter

CMO & Managing Partner at Rhythm Communications, Amy Parrish, joins host Moira Vetter to state the facts on the expeditious world of news & media. We’re talking about PR, Advertising and a bunch of eccentric and INFAMOUS PR & Advertising people. Peer into the complex (sometimes silly) PR landscape, in the Marketing Madhouse.

Episode Guest: Amy Parrish, CEO & Managing Partner of Rhythm Communications

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About Marketing Madhouse

Join Moira Vetter, CEO of Modo Modo Agency and host of 'Marketing Madhouse,' for insightful interviews with leaders from numerous industries and well-known brands. The marketing landscape is ever-evolving so tune in and get the latest insights to success.

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