Brand is the most overused word that you really need to take seriously. Seriously.

“We organize your brand system”

Every time you read that article that asks whether or not you need a brand, the answer is ‘yes.’ The Brand is the part that has a soul; it lives beyond the immediate transaction.

And while it’s true that brand development often results in creating logos, taglines and other tangible representations, the “thing” that is the brand is much more than that.

Depending on whether you are a product company, a platform, a services business or a movement, your brand will be different (and will be represented differently) at various stages of your growth.

You’ve done the hard part of identifying your marketplace and inventing something. Sometimes that’s all you’ve done before you come to us. Sometimes you’ve been in market for years and you want to create new offerings or enter new markets. You’ve created the business and you now have a brand challenge.

That’s where we come in.

Modo Modo ensures that your team, our team and, most importantly, your prospects and customers have an aligned view of the brand’s new promise. We organize your brand system—the names, words, value props, images, colors, fonts, taglines, diagrams, and vehicles that tell a consistent, cohesive, compelling story.

If you want to sell to individuals or sell your concept or company to an investor you must be able to express your value and the unique space you occupy in their mind, heart and soul. That’s your Brand.


Naming, positioning, logos, brand look and feel, tone and language. We make the music and lyrics of your brand work together, and ensure you have the songbook.

Marketing Strategy
& Planning

Strategies and tactical plans to expand your footprint, enter new markets or build programs to hook the fish you want, reel them in or retain the ones already in your net.

Product or
Service Launch

A product or service roadmap doesn’t always get you on the road. We help you launch, get traction and change the tires while you’re moving.

This is what we do


We’ve completed 2,150+ engagements for over 100 clients, from Fortune 10 to tech startups—everyone deserves great creative.


Less blah blah blah, and more results