Sales Engagement

Why would you get your marketing from people who've never sold anything?

“It's about HOW the buyer buys”

There are a lot of people that make a living off of reinforcing the barriers between sales and marketing functions. We ain’t them. Sales enablement and sales engagement, done properly, ensure that any communications plans, sales tools or campaigns align the salesperson’s reality with the buyer’s reality.

It’s not just about what or why the buyer buys…it’s about HOW the buyer buys or chooses not to. Your sales team’s effectiveness is impacted significantly by the type of marketing function you have and the type of marketing partners you enlist. They must understand sales.

Smart marketers ask the right questions and make sure that your offering or value proposition is presented in a way that matches the customer’s buying process and your sales process.

In consumer marketing and sales, there is an ‘inclusivity’ exercise at work. How can marketing include more prospects from the mass market, more often to catch them at the moment of decision.

In B2B, there is often an ‘exclusivity’ exercise at work. How can tire kickers be excluded and how quickly can you determine the prospect’s role on the buying committee. Create a platform or program that helps target, funnel, identify and create a value exchange with the true buyers and influencers, each in their own way.

Your cost of sales demands it.


Set up sales success by building a bridge to your buyers. From sales playbooks and scripts, to training and webinars, to promotions that stir up the hunter, and provision the farmer.

Operational &
Internal Communications

Whether you’re a Newco or undergoing change and seeking new energy—tell a story that matters. Tell them (sales, ops, engineering, customer service, everybody) what is in it for them.

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