If there’s no ROI, it ain’t cool.

“Hire an agency with people who understand your brand”

Remember that old joke, creative won the account and account service lost it?
That’s a damn lie.

Sure, people hire agencies for creativity. But if concepts aren’t influenced by business strategy, it isn’t ‘creative.’ It’s indulgence.

You think you fired the last agency because their account people kept getting switched out for new faces. Or because their ideas ‘got stale.’ Those are symptoms of a larger problem.

You fired the agency because your marketing and advertising weren’t performing.

In truth, if your marketing was performing—if your consumers were buying and connecting with you—it wouldn’t matter how the agency staffed your account. Or whether they were still running that campaign with the duck.

Hire an agency with people who understand your brand, your goals, your consumers and how your P&L works.

Sure, ask them to show you their cool work. But remember those other brands have other objectives, personalities, weird brand standards and budgets than you do.

Find the agency with creative people that think like business people. And make sure you actually like ‘the people,’ because you’re not hiring a firm.

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