The mother-tongue of technology is the one your mother taught you. And she taught you to listen, before speaking.

“We appreciate what only you can do”

Technology marketers have always struggled to speak English—the language business and non-technical buyers understand.

Technology changes with the power and speed of lightning. What doesn’t change is people’s need to understand what it can do for them.

You sketched a new and better mousetrap on a napkin yesterday and built it today. When you get it to market first, you’ll have a big advantage. If you leapfrog the chasm and get it to the mass market—well that’s the stuff stories are made of.

But, before you can do that, you must get out of your head, out of the complexity, and get to the beautiful simplicity of your innovation. And work untiringly to make yourself and what you offer clearly and simply understood.

That’s where Modo Modo comes in. We appreciate what only you can do. You can even use languages other than English to explain it to us. We learn fast and work quickly to distill your compelling difference into something buyers will understand and buy. We know you’re in a hurry, and we’re in a hurry to help you.

And we do it for you


We’ve completed 2,150+ engagements for over 100 clients, from Fortune 10 to tech startups—everyone deserves great creative.


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